Soybean export to Europe


Only in 1927 did its mass implementation begin in the territories of Ukraine, the Far East, Transcaucasia and the North Caucasus. In China, soybean is a venerable crop; its popularity dates back more than seven thousand years. And already two thousand years ago, the Chinese knew how to prepare soy milk and soy cheese.

By the end of the eighteenth century, soybeans entered Europe, and by the beginning of the nineteenth century - into the USA. However, soybean became most widespread only after the First World War. Soybean was an exported crop for a number of countries: China, Korea, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania. But the ever-expanding possibilities for the use of soybeans, its multilateral use and processing, have increased the amount of domestic consumption. And as a result, the export of crops was reduced or stopped altogether.

In terms of its use, soybean turned out to be a remarkable crop. Today, more than fifty types of products are produced from it: flour and cheese (“tofu”), milk substitutes, margarine and butter, curdled milk and cottage cheese, cocoa and coffee substitutes, seasonings, cereals, sauces, bakery and confectionery products. Green soybeans are used to prepare vegetable dishes, and young shoots are used to prepare salads.

Soybean grain contains forty-five percent protein, thirty-two percent carbohydrates and up to thirty-seven percent fatty oil. In addition to food purposes, soybean oil is in demand in medicine and industry. In industry, soybean grains are used to produce plastics, lecithin, explosives, paper and paints, adhesives, soaps and synthetic fabrics.

Export of soybeans from Ukraine to Europe

Today soybean export from Ukraine to Europe is a significant part of the country’s agricultural industry. Ukraine is a major producer of soybeans and one of the largest exporters of this product. Here is some information about soybean exports from Ukraine to Europe:

Ukraine is one of the largest soybean producers in Europe. Soybeans are grown in various regions of Ukraine, including Chernigov, Poltava, Kharkov regions and others.

Soybeans and products based on them are exported from Ukraine to various European countries, such as the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, France and others. Soybean exports from Ukraine to Europe include both raw soybeans and processed products such as flour, oil and meal.

Competition in the market

The soybean market in Europe is competitive, and Ukrainian producers need to compete with other exporting countries such as the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

Product quality, price, delivery conditions and certification play an important role in the successful export of soybeans to Europe.

Exporting soybeans from Ukraine to Europe has its own characteristics and requires compliance with quality standards, market competitiveness and efficient logistics for successful deliveries.

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